SOMM360 is a platform for every sommelier seeking perfection through continuous education and training for competition.
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Welcome aboard and thank you for choosing SOMM360. Sit back, relax and get ready to taste, learn and grow with us. On behalf of the SOMM360 team, we wish you a pleasant experience.
“SOMM360 is the most valuable encounter of sommeliers sharing knowledge, and knowledge is the only way to improve, to bemore innovative and to gain self-confidence, the three pillars to be better professionals.”
— Ferran Centelles
Drinks, elBullifoundation, 2018 SOMM360 Guest of Honor
“SOMM360 brought together some of the world’s most influential sommeliers and was a unique networking opportunity with people from all over the world.”
— Patrick Schmitt MW
Editor-in-Chief, The Drinks Busines
“I haven’t seen anything like it. It’s so many layers, so many days, so many people, so much information. Not just wine, but other components of the beverage industry as well: beer, tea, coffee.”
— Rajat Parr
Three-time James Beard Award-winning author, sommelier, and winemaker
2018 SOMM360 Advisory Board member reported on, November 2018
Back in 2006, the sommelier bug bit me and I became passionate about every aspect of the somm world: wine, spirits, sake, beer, tea, coffee, gastronomy. At that time, I also decided to register for a local sommelier competition. The instant gratification after winning the first step of this competition was incredible; all my hard work suddenly paid off. When the competition ended for me after the semi-final, I was devastated and had no network to support me. So, sadly, I quit competing, despite knowing I could become a really good candidate. But I committed myself to stay actively supportive in helping the next generation of restaurant, hotel and tourism professionals.

Equipped with the critical experience of working in the wine industry in North America and Europe for more than fifteen years now, and understanding the growing needs of this industry and how much personal sacrifice it takes to participate in sommelier competitions (and how obsessed we can be about them), I am launching a platform for every serious wine professional and sommelier from all over the world seeking perfection through continuous education as they pursue various types of accreditations (MS, MW, WSET, etc.) and training for competition: SOMM360. I would like to dedicate this first edition to the 22 sommeliers enrolled at The SOMM360 Bootcamp 2018: Martin Bruno, Mattia Cianca, Antoine
Photo: Andre-Olivier Lyra
Lehebel, Carl Villeneuve-Lepage, Jasper Sun, Pier-Alexis Soulière MS, Reeze Choi, Christian Jacobsen, Ketri Leis, David Biraud, Marc Almert, Julie Dupouy, Raimonds Tomsons, Luis Morones, Bruno Scavo, Henrik Dahl Jahnsen, Piotr Pietras MS, Iulia Scavo, Fredrik Lindfors, Guillermo Cruz, Eric Zwiebel MS and Pascaline Lepeltier MS. I love you guys. You are truly an inspiring group.

Here’s an interesting fact: 12 out of 19 semi-finalists at the ASI Best Sommelier of the World 2019 competition participated in SOMM360. 2 out of 3 finalists attended SOMM360. The Best Sommelier of the World 2019, Marc Almert, was one of the bootcamp participants of SOMM360. Coincidence? Maybe... maybe not... who knows?

In the following pages, my team and I will do our best to recapture the genesis of SOMM360.

Are you in? I am.
Vincent Lafortune,
President and Founder SOMM36
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Photo: André-Olivier Lyra
Joanne Bayly
Maison 1608 by Solisco
Laurent J. Lavigne Anne-Louise Desjardins
André-Olivier Lyra Krystel V. Morin Jean Bernard
Vincent Lafortune