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The Wine Experience
At SOMM360’s closing event, 300 wine lovers from the general public and the trade had the opportunity to attend an immersive wine tasting experience presented by Desjardins, Canada’s largest financial cooperative. “Desjardins is proud to support SOMM360 in its mission to provide wine trade professionals opportunities to continue their education and earn international recognition for their skills. Congratulations to the sommeliers for your performance during the event and my sincere thanks for sharing your passion with us,” said Honorary President Mario Lapierre, Senior Vice-President Direct Sales and Distribution of the Desjardins Group.
he event began with François Chartier, “Créateur d’harmonies”, who is a member of the SOMM360 Advisory Board, proposing a journey into the world of the ionone molecule, which is responsible for the raspberry’s fruity aromas. Going beyond any regular tasting event, the program offered attendees the opportunity to meet all the participants from the bootcamp and to watch sommeliers Iulia Scavo from Romania, Mattia Cianca from Australia and Pier-Alexis Soulière from Canada in live training, being challenged while executing various tasks, as if it was the final step of the bootcamp. During the evening, some exquisite wine and food pairings were proposed, thanks to two of Montreal’s best chefs: Marc-André Jetté, from Marc-André le Traiteur, and Michele Forgione, from Gema.
Photos: Krystel V. Morin (intro and filling glasses), André-Olivier Lyra (event)
To highlight the important role the partners of SOMM360 played throughout the week, during the closing ceremony, each sommelier who took part in the bootcamp was given a unique sustainably-designed trophy as a souvenir of their experience.
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